Montie Eagle

Eagle-Glenn Farm

340 N. Middlesex Rd, Carlisle, PA 17013




Montie Eagle had been a student of classical dressage since the early 1980's but when she met Jack Brainard in 2006 things took a decidedly western turn. Brainard, a producer of ten world champions, is famous in the reining horse world and travels the country yearly to teach western dressage.

"When I started in dressage, I was fortunate to work with Pat Smeltzer and her mentor Karl Mikolka. Karl is a former head rider from the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. What Karl taught me was to ride and cue the horse depending on where the horse's feet were. What I found when I first spoke with Jack was that he taught on the same principle. I felt right at home."

And today, after numerous clinics with Jack, Montie considers him her mentor. She teaches students from all disciplines at her Carlisle PA facility, where each student works on his or her specific goals.

"I have been blessed with great teachers," says Montie. On the classical dressage side these include clinics with Erik Herbermann, Lendon Gray, and Karen Ramsing. Western teachers include John Lyons, Richard Shrake, Lori Beth Morris and Eitan Beth-Halachmy, the founder of cowboy dressage.

This reflects Montie's core belief that dressage is for everyone and that each horse and rider can gain from work in dressage. "You want your horse to be a joyous ride and a sound, athletic lifelong companion."

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